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Nutella Bagels

Happy World Nutella Day! No real reason for this day other than an American blogger called Sara Rosso in 2007 who loved Nutella so much she thought it deserved a holiday and we do too! For this day, I wanted to make something a little different that was maybe more challenging than just Nutella brownies or cupcakes. It was then when I went downstairs to make breakfast when I realised I had no bagels left to eat that the idea came to mind.


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Sweet Bread

Hot Cross Buns

Before you say it… I know these are always seen as a pain to make. Why spend a whole day waiting for these when you can just pick some up in a shop? All I have to say is try these once and you will know why! They are DELICIOUS and so much better than the shop bought ones, trust me!


These amazing hot cross buns are perfect for Easter and the smell fills the entire house with a spicy, fruity aroma and thankfully after the long wait for all the proofing, the cooking time is short and they are perfect straight from the oven! Read on to follow the recipe!

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