Vanilla Marshmallows

Hi again! Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. Yesterday I decided to make marshmallows. They came out super fluffy and tasty, so much better than shop bought!


If anyone knows me, they will know the amount of disasters that have occurred for me in the kitchen sometimes, marshmallows being one of those times… so I was pretty nervous about making them. The last time I tried I didn’t have a sugar thermometer or an electric mix which is the fist big red flag of ‘DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS.’

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Cookies, GBBO

GBBO Challenge Week Two – Sparkly Chocolate Sandwich Cookies


It’s biscuit week! Whilst I love baking, I have got to admit… biscuits can be a little average and tend not to get the big “WOW” moment when you put a plateful down in front of your guests. However, this week on bake off Stacey’s chocolate sandwich cookies were covered in edible GLITTER!!! I mean HELLO could we get anymore snazzy?

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