Hey there!

I’m Selina a 23 year old Greek Cypriot from London.

I LOVE to cook, especially sweet things, and with such a big family I am always trying out new recipes and have been known as the “Pavlova Queen.”

If any of you are wondering, ‘Meraki’ is a Greek verb, often said to be untranslatable, but refers to doing something with passion, devotion and all of your heart. This is the type of cooking I aspire to create every single day!

I have a dream of owning my own bakery one day, whether this will happen or not I’m not certain but all I know is that I want to do the things I love in life, that being baking! So what better way to start than to share all of my baking experiences with you.

I have a cat named Nigella (named after you know who..) and she is my special gem and loves to watch me bake purely because she thinks she’s are getting a treat! Yes, many people do call me the crazy cat lady but if you’re a cat lover – you’ll know!

I have an amazing boyfriend called Jack and a big greek loving family who are obsessed with their BBQ’s. We have them at least twice a month, yes even in the winter! But the food is amazing and nothing is better then being surrounded by family and good food!!

I hope you enjoy making (and eating of course) all of these recipes!