Vanilla Marshmallows

Hi again! Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. Yesterday I decided to make marshmallows. They came out super fluffy and tasty, so much better than shop bought!


If anyone knows me, they will know the amount of disasters that have occurred for me in the kitchen sometimes, marshmallows being one of those times… so I was pretty nervous about making them. The last time I tried I didn’t have a sugar thermometer or an electric mix which is the fist big red flag of ‘DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS.’


All I managed that day was a lumpy mixture that just looked and smelt like gelatine and if you’ve worked with gelatine before this is not a good sight or smell!!


These marshmallows though… I’m so proud! Not only were they SUPER easy, they actually tasted great and I ended up making so many that I dipped some of them in chocolate with chopped hazelnuts. This recipe is a great base recipe for which you can then put your own spin on. Check my notes down below on ways to make these marshmallows even tastier!


I’m all about baking at home without crazy utensils (purely for the fact that I can’t afford them) and I like to show ways that even if you have a bowl, spoon and a few ingredients you can still make something amazing. However, if you want to make sure that this recipe is as easy as it can be I really would recommend a sugar thermometer. I had put it off for so many years and finally gave in to buying one but I am so happy I did as it just removes 90% of the stress and anxiety that comes from cooking the sugar!


I got mine from Amazon, click the link if you want to see. It works fabulous and I would recommend. If you want to make these and don’t have a thermometer you can check by removing some of the mixture and placing it in water. Take it back out and you should be able to form it into a hard ball that holds its shape but flattens slightly when squeezed firmly. This is the stage you want the sugar to be in known as the firm ball stage.


Another tip is for the gelatine. I used three packets of gelatine and it went super thick and sticky and I thought it was going to be too much but the marshmallows still turned out soft and just the right amount of chewiness. So don’t be too alarmed at the amount of gelatine! Also, the smell of the gelatine stays right until the end. Even when the mallow mixture has come together you may get a whiff still of the gelatine but it’s perfectly normal! Once you have let it set and covered again in the dusting powder, you can’t smell anything anymore other than vanilla goodness!!


I can’t wait for you all to try these! Tag me @merakibaking on instagram so I can see how it goes or send me a message to let me know how you got on! Until next time! x


  • 500g Caster Sugar
  • 160ml Water (room temp) for sugar
  • 120ml Water (room temp) for gelatine
  • 3 x 6.5g Gelatine powder (3 packets)
  • 2 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 110g Icing Sugar
  • 60g Cornflour


  1. Sprinkle sugar into large pan (the biggest one you have) to make an even layer on the bottom. Pour in the water making sure to cover every bit of sugar in the pan.
  2. If using a thermometer then clip onto the pan now so that the mixture heats up with the thermometer inside to stop the thermometer from breaking. Heat on a medium heat and leave until it starts to boil and bubble. About 5-7 minutes.
  3. At this point, place a lid on top to cover for around 2-3 minutes to create condensation helping to remove sugar crystals. My thermometer is too large so I just placed the lid as closed as I could without removing it.
  4. Remove the lid and if there are any more crystals around the side, using a damp pastry brush, brush along the sugar crystals to reduce the amount. Do NOT stir the sugar at any point.
  5. Increase the heat slightly and leave to bubble away until it reaches 245°f or 120°C. Thermometer usually have a note on them telling you at which point it reaches firm ball state. If you do not have a thermometer you can check by removing some of the mixture and placing it in water. Take it back out and you should be able to form it into a hard ball that holds its shape but flattens slightly when squeezed firmly.
  6. While this is reaching temperature, pour the water into a small bowl and add the gelatine. Mix until it is all combined and leave it to bloom for around 10 minutes. It should become solid almost like a slushy ice.
  7. Once the gelatine is ready, place the bowl into your mixer fitted with the whisk attachment.
  8. When the sugar reaches the right stage, leave to cool for a few minutes. I used this time to clear up the kitchen a bit. If you pour it in without cooling slightly you risk scorching the gelatine.
  9. Once ready, with your mixer on medium speed slowly pour the sugar mixture down the side of the bowl in a slow but steady stream. Add salt and turn mixer up to a high speed and whisk for around 10 minutes until it’s supper white, glossy and fluffy. It will triple in size. Then add the vanilla and mix for 1-2 minutes further to combine.
  10. While this is whisking, prep your pan. I greased and lined a high-side baking tray. An 8×8 will give you thick marshmallows. If you wish, you can use bigger pans to create thinner marshmallows if you desire. I also add a little vegetable oil to my spatula to help with the stickiness.
  11. Once the fluff is ready and moving quite fast as it starts to set straight away, pour the marshmallow into your prepared baking tray and smooth out to the sides.
  12. Mix the icing sugar and cornflour together and dust over half onto your marshmallows and leave to set for at least 6-8 hours, I tend to leave mine overnight covered with a tea towel.
  13. Once set, sprinkle the remaining icing sugar/cornflour mix onto a surface or board. Turn out the marshmallows and using a lightly oiled knife, cut into squares. You can also trim the edges if you prefer neater ones or use cookie cutters if you want different shapes.
  14. Toss the marshmallows in the powder and then they are done! They will keep for 2 weeks in an airtight container.

  • A sugar thermometer is very important for this recipe and makes it a much easier recipe.
  • Try different flavourings with these marshmallows such as adding 250g crushed fresh raspberries to make a raspberry ripple, add orange extract instead of vanilla to make orange ones. Or like I have done, dip these vanilla marshmallows into chocolate and sprinkle over chopped nuts such as hazelnuts and drizzle with white chocolate for an extra special look and taste.
  • It sound like a lot of gelatine, but trust me it needs it! Do not worry about the smell. Once set, it completely disappears.
  • If you are vegetarian, there are replacements for gelatine such as vege-gel which is just a vegetarian gelatine and works just as good.

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