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GBBO Challenge Week Ten – Ginger Biscuits

Ah, the finale! What a series it has been. As much as I have loved this season, the finale didn’t have as many exciting bakes as it usually does, especially not to the creative bakes they’ve been tested on in previous weeks.


I decided to make the ginger biscuits which was the last technical bake of the season and they are delicious! The aroma fills the entire house with christmas spices and they are perfect for gifting this Christmas!


For the first time, I decided to adjust the recipe slightly. I used nearly all the same ingredients, but at the beginning I decided to melt the butter, sugar and the honey (instead of molasses)


I actually used a honey that I got from Cyprus in the summer, it is very subtle but incredibly delicious but any honey will do unless you choose to use the molasses, which has a much deeper taste.


Once combining all the dry ingredients, I added in the melted mixture and combined until it formed a dough. I also did not add in any eggs as I have never made ginger biscuits before with eggs in so decided to leave this out.


The dough itself is super smooth and easy to work with which is a life saver when trying to shape. For this I used a glass and some heart shapes. If you like, use christmas cutters to shape into christmas trees, gingerbread people or any shape you like.


The icing was super simple too, no need for a mixer just put the ingredients into a bowl and mix with a spoon to form a paste adding a few drops of water until you reach the perfect consistency.


Pipe any icing design you like, I went for snowflake designs as it is the christmas holidays now! It’s also very simple and I added some edible glitter and gold sprinkles for even more design.

I hope you have enjoyed me following along to the bake off this year and I can’t wait to do the same next year! Good luck if you attempt any of the recipes and if you want, why not sign up to the real bake off and give it a go?! Also be sure to check out my blog over the coming weeks as I have lots of festive recipes coming soon!

The recipe I used to make these can be found on the GBBO official website

  • If you want, replace the molasses with the honey. It has a much more subtle taste but really brings out the spices better!
  • *Try melting the butter with the sugar and honey instead of combining all at once. *Shape biscuits into any shapes you like such as christmas trees, stars or people. *For piping designs, try a snowflake for the festive period. It’s easy but looks like it takes much more skill than it does!

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