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GBBO Challenge Week Three – Sticky Toffee Apple Caramel Cake


Caramel Week! A first for the GBBO and pretty new to me too. I rarely attempt to make caramel, too many disasters and too many burns when I do! But watching the episode made me feel inspired to give it another go. This cake is absolutely scrumptious! It is a perfect Autumn treat and would even go great at a Halloween party!


Whilst I was following Kate’s recipe, the episode showed many bakers attempting the caramel shards and I thought it would make the cake even more spectacular!


The chewy toffee apples on top, with the spiced aromatic cake and then a crunch of a caramel shard is just the perfect balance. You will find that it is impossible for anyone to say no to this cake (including my cat…)


This cake is fairly simple to make, but it is very time consuming! And is best eaten on the same day (which meant an early morning for me) but once you step back and look at your finished masterpiece you realise it’s all worth it!!


Have a read of my tips down below, as there were a few tricky parts of the recipe, which seem incredibly daunting when first reading! But make sure, above all, to have fun with it if you give it a go! It’s a delicious cake and is very creative making it quite a fun experiment!


Let me know how you got on! And if you made any crazy creations with the caramel. See you next week for week four!

The recipe I used to make these can be found on the GBBO official website

  • Make sure the pan you are using to make the caramel buttercream is light-coloured such as a cooking pot like ‘Le Creuset’ which has a white bottom. This allows you to see which colour the caramel is so it doesn’t burn!
  • Only cut the apples when you are making the caramel! The apples go brown very quickly so it is best to cut as close to the time as possible.
  • Whilst the recipe only uses toffee apples, you can be creative! It is caramel week and there are lots of things you can do to make it your own such as the caramel shards I used. You could also make spun sugar to place on top!

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