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GBBO Challenge Week Two – Sparkly Chocolate Sandwich Cookies


It’s biscuit week! Whilst I love baking, I have got to admit… biscuits can be a little average and tend not to get the big “WOW” moment when you put a plateful down in front of your guests. However, this week on bake off Stacey’s chocolate sandwich cookies were covered in edible GLITTER!!! I mean HELLO could we get anymore snazzy?


I made these a bit late as I was on holiday in Amsterdam for a short weekend away. It was brilliant! But it made me realise how even 3 days away from home with no baking and I was almost shaking I was that excited to make something!


The recipe looks complicated but after making it, I can honestly say it was fairly simple, which makes a change. The dough itself is gorgeous, I almost wanted to eat it raw and weighing each ball to exactly 15g helps to make sure each cookie ends up being the same size


The recipe asks for silver glitter and in the shop they had a set of gold and silver and the gold turned out to be (in my opinion) even more stunning! So don’t be set on using one colour. Be creative and use any edible glitter colour you like! Or if you’re not too keen on the glitter you can use icing sugar.


To make sure the glitter sticks, use a glass that is completely flat on the bottom! Any ridges and I found it didn’t stick very well.

Once the cookies are baked (for a short time of 10 minutes) it is time to make the marshmallow fluff! Now a few years ago, I tried (and failed) to make marshmallows. The hot syrup and fluffy eggs just do not go well together!!! However, whilst terrified at this stage it went much better than expected so do not fear!


The water, sugar and syrup must all go into a heavy-based pan. Whilst cooking, use a wet pastry brush to brush any bits of sugar sticking to the sides. This helps to stop the mixture from crystallising


The hardest part of this recipe is pouring the sugar liquid into the whisked egg whites. It must be poured in a steady stream into the middle of the bowl while whisking on the highest speed. At first it will seem very wet and liquid. But after whisking for around 10 minutes, it gets VERY thick and fluffy!! I cannot tell you how shocked I was this worked first time and it tastes DELICIOUS!


All that is left to do is pipe the marshmallow fluff onto the baked and cooled cookies and then enjoy! They are a little messy to eat but they are so scrumptious no one will care!


The recipe I used to make these can be found on the GBBO official website

I have made a list of notes for this recipe below, which you may find useful! Good luck bakers and here’s to next weeks challenge!

  • Make sure each cookie ball is weighed equally of 15g to make sure they are all the same size for easy sandwiching
  • Make sure the sugar, water and syrup mixture is at the right temeprature. Pour in one steady stream in the middle of the bowl to make sure it all combines eaisly and the eggs do not scramble
  • Whilst the recipe asks for silver edible glitter, be creative and use any colour you like! Just make sure the glitter is edible!

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