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GBBO Technical Challenge Week One – Chocolate Mini Rolls

It’s that time of the year again… The Great British Bake Off is back! Tuesday evenings are now full of joy (and hunger) with 12 new bakers entering the tent to test out their home baking skills.


Each week the bakers are tasked with a ‘technical bake,’ which is usually a tricky recipe with minimal instructions. This year I have decided to follow their recipes and make these technical bakes at home, starting with the first technical challenge of the season – Mini Rolls!


One of my favourites as a child, always stocked at my Yiayia’s (grandmas) house but have never thought to make them myself and let me tell you, they are fiddly! They even make me wish I was making a swiss roll instead *sigh*


However… they are DELICIOUS! Soft sponge, creamy buttercream and melted chocolate poured all over, is there anything not to love?


When making this recipe, the most crucial moment is the egg whites. They must be stiff! The egg whites are the only rising agent in the recipe and must be folded into the mixture carefully with a large metal spoon


The folding takes time and can get a little provoking, but stick with it and you will be thankful once a perfectly risen fluffy sponge comes out the oven!


Another important step in this recipe is the whisking of the egg yolks and sugar. The mixture will go from dark yellow to a very pale yellow, become thick and creamy and should almost triple in size! This can take at least 5 minutes so don’t be tempted to stop after a few seconds when it all looks combined. It should almost look like a runny custard


The recipe I used is from the GBBO official website. However, whilst my bake off follow-along will be using their recipes, you can always try to make it your own! The traditional recipe adds peppermint extract into the buttercream. Some people do not like chocolate-mint combinations and if this isn’t for you, do not panic! There are tonnes of alternative flavours you could try!


Orange extract can be used to make a chocolate-orange Jaffa cake taste. You could also add vanilla to keep it simple or for something extravagant try rose extract with crushed pistachio nuts! The options are endless and you can be as creative as you like!


Whilst they may be tricky and a little stressful to bake, they make up for it in taste! Give these a try with the classic peppermint or be creative and try something new! Check out my blog weekly to see how I get on with my next technical challenge and I hope this inspires you to follow along too!

The recipe I used to make these can be found on the GBBO official website

I have made a list of notes for this recipe below, which you may find useful! Good luck bakers and here’s to next weeks challenge!

  • The chocolate “mixture” called for is more like a paste, do not add too much water or it will make your overall mixture very runny.
  • Whisk the egg yolks and the sugar for around 5 minutes. The mixture will turn pale, thick and almost triple in size.
  • Make sure the egg whites are very stiff and fold in carefully with a large metal spoon
  • *The recipe calls for peppermint, I personally only added half a teaspoon and still got a strong taste of peppermint throughout. If you love the minty flavour, stick to the recipe. If you are not so keen, try minimising the amount of peppermint or try different flavours such as orange extract, vanilla or rose extract with crushed pistachios.

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