Easter is Coming and Mothers Day Update

Now I know I’m getting ahead of myself here… Easter is still a couple of weeks away but how can I not? The daffodils have opened, the sun is shining and there is blue skies all over the UK at the moment! Nothing makes me more excited than knowing Easter is arriving especially since that means Lent finishes and I can finally eat crips again!

Greek Easter also falls as the same weekend as Greek Easter. For me this means a day at Church but it also means BBQ heaven, with lots of food and surrounded by family.


I hope you all had a wonderful mothers day. I spent mine in Bristol and it was fab! the weather was beautiful, the shopping even better and the food was divine. I was even eating an ice cream, it was that warm!


I first had lunch in Cabot Circus which was a quick stop between shops. I thought I would have something light to save myself for dinner so opted for a jacket potato at SOHO COFFEE CO. Well, it arrived and all i can say was it was not light, but it was delicious! It is one of the biggest jacket potatoes I have ever seen but I wasn’t complaining.


We then had dinner at Aqua. This is a restaurant I used to eat at when visiting my sister as she attended University here. Serving modern italian cuisine it is a relaxed setting where we feasted on Calamari and King prawns for starters and then I had the Pollo Farcito (stuffed crumbed chicken with crispy onion and herb buttered spaghetti). Delicious as always.


Finally on Sunday Morning we decided to head for brunch at the Boston Tea Party where I had the delicious Eggs Royale (can’t go wrong) which was again, delicious! I finally headed back to Nottingham for a final week of classes before I start my Easter break!


I can only tell you that I have some exciting recipes coming up over Easter. I’ll be making my homemade Easter Food Gift Bags as well as the traditional Coloured Eggs for Greek Easter, Three Tiered Pavlova (greek style) and many recipes to spice up your BBQ’s this Easter. So watch out!


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